Paranorm+ Unangel live @ Pitcher’s Uppsala (SWE)

On this night of friday the 13th March, Uppsalas two prominent bands, death/thrash outfit Unangel and old school progressive thrashers Paranorm, will take the stage at the club Pitcher’s in Uppsala (Swe). Both bands are supporting their 2013 releases, ”The Edge of Existance” (Paranorm) and ”Drunk on Hate” (Unangel). You can await a heavy night […]

Jeff Hanneman of Slayer has died

It is a very sad day of extreme metal. One of the founders of Slayer and thrash metal as a whole style, Jeff Hanneman, has died due to kidney failure. Since his spider bite incident a few years back, he has been temporarily out of Slayer, taking time off. Most probably, that disease he got […]

Panikk – Unbearable Conditions [4.0]

Why Panikk with two kk:s? Because it’s thrash! Ladies and gentlemen, don’t mind all the hyped bands of the retro thrash wave from the 00:s you can read about in the metal magazines. If you are ready and willing to dig into the archives of true Bay Area and want something new, check out Slovenia’s […]

The Wandering Ascetic – Manifest Destiny [2.5]

This guys make it easy to listen to this EP. They follow a traditional 90’s black metal though with more thrashy vocals. But playing on a safe base within the style they become quite easily generic. The performance is pretty loose which adds a live-perfomance feeling to it, but still on an amateur level. The Wandering […]

The Crown: new line-up and album

One of sweden’s finest death/thrash monsters, The Crown, have crawled out of their lair in Trollhättan and announced details regarding their new line-up and the follow-up to much appreciated and acclaimed Doomsday King from 2010. From now on guitarist Robin Sörqvist from Impious will handle lead guitar and a Japan tour is in planning.   […]

The Slayer King replies…

As expected the Slayer-camp has now officially commented on the late events concerning the temporary or permanent (no one knows) switch of drummers. Yesterday Dave Lombardo made an official statement on Facebook, discussing his view on how he got kicked off the Australian tour because of financial issues within Slayer. Today Slayer simply confirmed that […]

Luna Ad Noctum – Hypnotic Inferno [3.0]

In the press folder it says that polish Luna Ad Noctum play symphonic black metal, but I have to quite strongly disagree. This is hard hitting modern thrash/black metal. If you expect to find any Dimmu Borgir or Sceptic Flesh you are way off. Hypnotic Inferno is more like Old Man’s Child but without the […]

Drummer trauma in the Slayer-camp

Dave Lombardo, drummer for (or ex. drummer?) Slayer, has recently commented on the fact that he within just a day got replaced by Jon Dette for the upcoming Australian festival tour. The switch, which is neither confirmed to be temporary or permanent, happened according to Mr. Lombardo after he brought too attention that the band […]

Status Quo: Hanneman’s return to Slayer

Currently Kerry King and Slayer is working on new material for the upcoming album. They seem to have a lot of material and Mr. King is right now in lyric writing mode. In a recent interview with Brendan Crabb of the situation on Jeff Hanneman’s potential return is brought up. Since the necro spider bite in 2011, that […]

Unangel announces new bass player: Johan Pettersson

Swedish death/thrash metal band Unangel has announced their new bass player Johan Pettersson today, who will take over the bass duties previously handled by David Ståhlberg. The upcoming album, Drunk on Hate, that is planned to be released in march, will not feature the new bassist but rehearsals for the upcoming promotional concerts are in progress. […]

Feared – Breathing Failure: New song released [Video]

Guitar Hero/Metalhead/YouTuber Ola Englund just released a song from the upcoming album Furor Incarnatus. The track Breathing Failure  is a heavy death-thrasher that features mad riffing and brutal vocals. Also appearing is Scar Symmetry’s Per Nilsson, delivering an astonishing solo in the typical SS-vein. The guitarist and band leader Ola Englund offers a standard, deluxe […]

Pertness – Frozen Times [3.0]

Pertness - Frozen Time

Despite being around since 1993, this swiss band, Pertness, hasn’t been able to release more than three albums. Hopefully there will be more in a faster work tempo since this is quite promising. There is something very charming and unique with this heavy metal band. Though being a band playing within quite safe frames of metal […]