Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow [3.5]

In Stormcrow, second album of Cain’s Offering, we meet strong names. Former Sonata Artica’s Jani Liimatainen (guitars), Timo Kotipelto (vocals) and Jens Johansson (keyboards) from Stratovarius. So my expectations were pretty high on this one. Classic progressive power metal embraced with kind melodies and semi-aggressive riffs. The dynamics are all there. Skillful fast tracks like Constellation of […]

Hypothermia – Svartkonst [3.0]

Hypothermia has been active in the Scandinavian metal scene for over a decade, having assets of a rather rich discography, in which the latter Svartkonst is their fifth full-length album. The music of Hypothermia doesn’t give any feeling of warmth, walking the listener for almost forty minutes through an abstract dialog of metallic sounds, meditative rhythms and dark melodies. You can hear […]

Hardcore Superstar – HCSS [4.5]

With this tenth studio album HCSS, Hardcore Superstar takes you way back where all started. The sound and style are traditional nasty sleaze rock. It opens with a nice attitude embraced Dont Mean Shit maintaining the party mood but more laid back this time. Jocke Berg keeps up through the album with his thorny voice, […]

Apophys – Prime Incursion [2.5]

I don’t intend to write about the back story of this album. It’s for another time when I want to write about the band and what the idea was about their music. This is an album-listening. The impressions of it. Michiel van der Plicht‘s drum technique is the first thing that hits me. This guy […]

Morgoth – Ungod [3.0]

After 19 years of quite a silence, Morgoth is back with the album Ungod and with new singer Karsten Jäger. They jump deep into the classical death metal archive from the 90’s, but with a shot of contemporary music. Groove passages, and traditional riffs with a resemblance to Obituary. I had expected more hunger from Morgoth […]

Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers [4.5]

With their 3rd album Barren Earth is ready to follow the path mixing melodic death, progressive gothic metal with a twirl of doom. This album surprise us with variety of listening through the voluminous tracks which are very metallic and solid. This time more progressive than their previous “The Devil’s Resolve” with still a scent […]

Sorcerer – In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross [5.0]

It’s really a pleasure to listen to In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross. A mixture of traditional Doom metal and actually classic hard rock. Indeed the singer Anders Engberg has a great voice range, clear and confident with the typical heavy metal long tunes and short vibrato. Within the mysterious melodies through the tracks, […]

Officium Triste – Mors Viri [5.0]

Melancholy and sad despair. After 20 years of music Officium Triste includes in their new album Mors Viri what a real doom metal genre should contain: Tragical melodies cross some sort of nostalgic-waiting and roaring grief lullabies. You can name those feelings as what first shows up in your mind. The music mirrows officially dark […]

W.E.T. – Rise Up [5.0]

Like a summer breeze in the late February. This album takes the sun out in the most northern winter lands. But what could you either possibly expect from the elite musicians of W.E.T and the well-known producer Erik Mårtensson? Just greatness even this time with Rise Up. This album is much way better from the previous […]

Cryptopsy – The Best of us Bleed [3.5]

Cryptopsy - The best of us bleed Music Is On

For me Cryptopsy is one of those long time hard-working death metal bands that earns the same icon recognition as Vader, Morbid Angel and Obituary. Being a more technical death metal band, they aren’t exactly as “mainstreamed” (if that even is possible to say in this context) as their mentioned relatives and they haven’t either got […]

Pertness – Frozen Times [3.0]

Pertness - Frozen Time

Despite being around since 1993, this swiss band, Pertness, hasn’t been able to release more than three albums. Hopefully there will be more in a faster work tempo since this is quite promising. There is something very charming and unique with this heavy metal band. Though being a band playing within quite safe frames of metal […]

Jimi Jamison – Never Too Late [4.0]

Jimi Jamison - Never Too Late

This is a record that’s just a force of positivism. With an easy-going feeling of the 70:s, it is packaged in a modern rock production. It contains that kind of rock music that could just as well be featured in a musical such as Rock of Ages. It simply reeks of Journey, Survivor and Foreigner! The strong […]

Vesen – This Time It’s Personal [3.5]

This album makes the final call about what this norwegian band represents: A black metal sound surrounded by thrash melodies.Vesen doesn’t have the seriousness which many norwegian black metal bands may have into the image. This band seems to actually “have fun” making the music. The thrash influences in this album make the music even dirty […]

HELL:ON – Age of Oblivion [3.5]

HELL:ON is a fully competent quintet in the department of modern death/thrash metal with a hint of classic metal melodies and the breakdown intensity of hardcore. The musical workmanship is impressive and you hear references from Pantera to Hatebreed and Sepultura. The death metal drumming is insane and even though their riffage is enjoyable it […]

Grave – Endless Procession Of Souls [4.0]

You can still hear the traditional Death Metal sound of the legendary Grave in Endless Procession Of Souls. The phantom-like very short intro is amusing, when you actually are waiting for the track to start. The growl technique is lucid, Ola Lindgren (vocals) articulates well so the lyrics are understandable. In the track Disembodied Steps you can surely remark […]