Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow [3.5]

In Stormcrow, second album of Cain’s Offering, we meet strong names. Former Sonata Artica’s Jani Liimatainen (guitars), Timo Kotipelto (vocals) and Jens Johansson (keyboards) from Stratovarius. So my expectations were pretty high on this one. Classic progressive power metal embraced with kind melodies and semi-aggressive riffs. The dynamics are all there. Skillful fast tracks like Constellation of […]

Hypothermia – Svartkonst [3.0]

Hypothermia has been active in the Scandinavian metal scene for over a decade, having assets of a rather rich discography, in which the latter Svartkonst is their fifth full-length album. The music of Hypothermia doesn’t give any feeling of warmth, walking the listener for almost forty minutes through an abstract dialog of metallic sounds, meditative rhythms and dark melodies. You can hear […]

Forgotten Tomb – stream the new album!

Forgotten Tomb, has released their brand new album this month, on April 17th in Europe (April 21st in North Americ) via Agonia Records. As of today, advance stream of the entire “Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love” record is available, courtesy of Inferno Magazine /Viktoria Colonna

Hardcore Superstar – HCSS [4.5]

With this tenth studio album HCSS, Hardcore Superstar takes you way back where all started. The sound and style are traditional nasty sleaze rock. It opens with a nice attitude embraced Dont Mean Shit maintaining the party mood but more laid back this time. Jocke Berg keeps up through the album with his thorny voice, […]

Huntress – New album-recording done

Huntress has finished recording their new third album with producer Jim Rota. The group said that the album, which will be released within the upcoming months by Napalm Records, will be the heaviest ever made. /Viktoria Colonna

Apophys – Prime Incursion [2.5]

I don’t intend to write about the back story of this album. It’s for another time when I want to write about the band and what the idea was about their music. This is an album-listening. The impressions of it. Michiel van der Plicht‘s drum technique is the first thing that hits me. This guy […]

Morgoth – Ungod [3.0]

After 19 years of quite a silence, Morgoth is back with the album Ungod and with new singer Karsten Jäger. They jump deep into the classical death metal archive from the 90’s, but with a shot of contemporary music. Groove passages, and traditional riffs with a resemblance to Obituary. I had expected more hunger from Morgoth […]

Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers [4.5]

With their 3rd album Barren Earth is ready to follow the path mixing melodic death, progressive gothic metal with a twirl of doom. This album surprise us with variety of listening through the voluminous tracks which are very metallic and solid. This time more progressive than their previous “The Devil’s Resolve” with still a scent […]

Bonfire – New album Glorious details + Trailer

Bonfire will release the new album Glorious April 24th by Borila ReKords. Here below you can see the cover, tracklist and you can watch the album trailer! 01. 21 Guns Salute (Goes Boom) 02. Nothin’ At All 03. Can’t Break Away 04. Remember 05. Fallin’ Outta Love 06. Glorious 07. Supernatural Disguise 08. Shooting Star […]

Blaze of Perdition signs with Agonia Records

Agonia Records signs with the Polish black metal band Blaze of Perdition. The album “Near Death Revelations” whose cover artwork created by Mentalporn, is scheduled to be released this June. 1. Królestwo Niczyje 2. Into the Void Again 3. When Mirrors Shatter 4. Dreams Shall Flesh 5. Cold Morning Fears 6. The Tunnel 7. Of […]

Chris Adler joins Megadeth for the new album

Megadeth have confirmed the collaboration with drummer Chris Adler (Lamb Of God) for the new album! Dave Mustaine comments, “Chris is a tremendous talent, and an amazing person. He is going to bring a new level of excitement and energy to  Megadeth that the fans are going to lose their minds over. I have nothing […]

Shape of Despair announce new album

Shape of Despair are revealing the title of their next full-length which will be ‘Monotony Fields‘. The album has been scheduled for release on the 15th of June 2015 by Season of Mist. Pre-sale will commence by mid-April, which will also mark the revealing of the album’s cover art, a brand new song, and tracklist. The band commented: “We […]

Entrails releases new album ‘Obliteration’

Swedish Death Metal band Entrails have finished recording their new album “Obliteration” and it will be released the 15th of May by Metal Blade. /Viktoria Colonna

George Kollias unleashes first new song and reveals album details

George Kollias is now unleashing the first new track taken from his forthcoming debut solo-album ‘Invictus‘. The crushing song “Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead” (featuring George Emmanuel from Rotting Christ) is exclusively streaming via these official media partners: Metal Hammer (DE) Inferno (FI) VS-Webzine (FR) Rockoverdose (GR) Lángoló Gitárok (HU) Metal Wani (IN) Metalitalia (JP) Marunouchi Muzik (JP) […]

Amorphis- Pre Production Done!

Amorphis  has completed the pre-production of their new album with producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Kreator). The recordings will begin in April. The publication is scheduled for September. Amorphis – Foto by Ville Juurikkala /Viktoria Colonna