George Kollias – Drums & Invictus

Beside being one of the most extreme metal drummers and member of the band Nile, he released his first solo album Invictus 18th of May by Season of Mist. George Kollias is in his hometown Athens, Greece, he came home from the States a couple of months ago after recording the new album with Nile, so […]

The Moth Gatherer – In search for the light

Swedish metal/post rock band The Moth Gatherer has just recorded their new album The Earth Is The Sky, which will be released later this year via Agonia Records. What is remarkable for this band is that they formed because of personal issues. They lost people they loved and cared about which made the sorrow difficult to […]

Max Lilja – An Interview

Morphosis is the new upcoming album of great Finnish cello composer Max Lilja. The album will be released April 10th by Fluttery Records and has already received nice reviews, from me included. Well-known as one of the former founder of Apocalyptica and touring member of Tarja Turunen the focus should be held on his new […]

Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen [Vulture Industries]

Tor Helge Gjengeda, Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen, Øvyind Madsen, Eivind Huse, Kyrre Teigen Vulture Industries is one of most unique Norwegian dark progressive Metal bands. Now the band from Bergen takes another step in their steadily climbing career. With their collaboration with Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (Mayhem, Grave) they are creating the special show “The Babylon Spiral“, which will be performed  in Oslo, Norway on […]

Johnny Hagel [Sorcerer]

Swedish epic doom metal legends, Sorcerer was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 but disbanded after two demos in 1992. Both demos are considered true Doom Metal classics and have been released on CD in 1995. Now they will release their Metal Blade debut album In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross March 24th. I asked bass player Johnny Hagel […]

Juho Räihä [Gloria Morti]

Gloria Morti is today a very hyped band within the melodic death metal scene. From Finland, the band has released their 4th album  Lateral Constraint by Cyclone Empire, which was recorded and mixed by the band’s guitarist Juho Räihä.             “Mankind needs to evolve laterally if we want to survive and elevate ourselves […]

Hakim Krim [Dead Lord]

The 70’s is back for sure! Dead Lord, from Stockholm, Sweden, brings to life the roots of rock with their 4-piece rock outfit. Consisting of members from Enforcer, Morbus Chron, Kongh and the Scams, these guys are no newcomers to the scene. Founder Hakim Krim took some time to answer our questions regarding the large […]

Ronnie Bergerstål [Grave]

Grave was really there from the beginning. Since 1986 until today they have written 10 album of traditional swedish death metal. Last year they just released Endless Procession of Souls by Century Media and they had a terrific tour in North America and Canada with Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral. Ronnie Bergerstål has played drums in Grave […]

Danny Nelson [Malignancy]

Malignancy is recognized as one of the longest standing and well-known Death Metal bands in the New York death metal scene along with Incantation, Mortician and Suffocation. They have been on the road already since 1992 and they just released in October 2012 the album Eugenics and I had the chance to interview the founder and singer Danny Nelson.  Danny […]

Adam Laszlo [Sophicide]

Founded in 2009 Sophicide started as a one-man-project by 19-year-old musician Adam Laszlo, dedicated to creating brutal and technical, yet melodic and elaborate death metal. And so he did. With the new album Predition Of The Sublime (Released 20/8-12 by Hammerheart Records) he and Sebastian Bracht has accomplished his goal! Hi Adam, how do you do? Hi! I’m doing […]

Chris Sanders [Knight Fury]

Chris Sanders is a great American guitarist and songwriter. He became known amongst Rock and Metal fans all over the world for playing numerous headlining tours in North America and Europe, and playing some of the most notable Festivals on the circuit; Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden) Bang Your Head (Germany) Keep it True (Germany) Kobeta […]

Zedar [Stormcrow]

Italian Black Metal band Stormcrow released this year the full-length album Disposition To Tyranny after 6 years since their last work. Their new album has received great reviews, and they were even chosen in the Terrorizer’s Fear Candy album. I have gladly interviewed Zedar (Bass guitar) this summer! I must say that I’m impressed to discover a […]

Blake Judd [Nachtmystium]

With the new album Silencing Machine, Nachtmystium is one of the most hyped metal band right now. I reviewed the album myself and see it as a masterpiece! Nachtmystium was formed in the US by Blake Judd and it’s known for its experimental psychedelic black metal sound. I just asked some questions to Blake which you can read below. You can […]

Colin Davis [Vile]

It’s Colin Davis who is the founder and lead guitarist of the american death metal band Vile. They toured the United States and Europe several times since their inception in 1996 including with Cannibal Corpse in 2004. Colin is actually now the only original member in the line-up but today he and the lead singer Mike Hrubocvak have […]

Watain – Devil at Heart

It’s been 13 years since Watain, black metal band from Uppsala (Sweden) exists. Watain has become greater within the last few years. They won a Grammy for best hard rock band in Sweden last year, their last album Lawless Darkness has received exquisite reviews and just earlier this spring they won the Best Underground band […]