Dynazty + Dragonforce @Debaser Medis Sthlm (Swe)

Dynazty + Dragonforce @Debaser Medis Sthlm (Swe) 04.04.2015  + + + Debaser Medis is one of the center clubs in Stockholm where many rock concerts have been held. This Saturday night was Dragonforce and Dynazty‘s turn to rock the place as their last date for the Swedish tour. Maybe because of the Easter holiday, the […]

220 Volt + Wolf @Katalin Uppsala (Swe)

220 Volt + Wolf @Katalin Uppsala (Swe) 28.03.2015  + + + +   Uppsala is not very known for its rock scene, even if great metal bands have their roots from here. It’s not so often that rock concerts take place in town. So Katalin made a great decision to bring here 220 Volt and […]

Death (DTA) Symbolic Tour Stockholm

Death (DTA) Symbolic Tour – Klubben Stockholm 20.3.2015  + + + + + Death finally reached Stockholm with their 20th anniversary Symbolic Tour in memorial of Chuck Shuldiner. Klubben was filled with enthusiastic young and old fans, wearing Death t-shirts and thrilled with strong anticipation. The wait was a little too long but when the […]

Thin Lizzy – Sweden 18/7-12

Thin Lizzy – Flustret Trädgård Uppsala (Sweden) 18.07.12  + + + + I will not write a review about how the 70’s Thin Lizzy can’t be matched, or how much their former Phil Lynott is missed. Don’t get me wrong he will always be missed, as a formidable musician/songwriter, founder of the band, he was and still is […]

Getaway Rock Festival 2012 – Third Day

The day of the three 4! I was determined of reviewing these three bands below that really made my day! My last day at this festival couldn’t be better! CORRODED  + + + + Lunch time, 1 pm, and the sun is shining up high, I’m sitting in the “pub” area, drinking a cold beer […]

Getaway Rock Festival 2012 – Second Day

This day I really focused on meeting people, catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones. A festival with the common theme of rock music connects us automatically together. We are there for the same reasons, and the social barrier breaks when you enter the festival area. Finntroll was a perfect soundtrack for […]

Getaway Rock Festival 2012 – First Day

This is the third year for Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle (Sweden) but it’s the first time that I’ve been there! Just one hour from where I live it’s nice to finally not need to plan the trip in time, it’s just waking up slowly, eat breakfast, pack some clothes, tent supplies and just drive! […]

Getaway Rock Festival – Today

All the bags are packed and the car is ready to take me to Getaway Rock Festival! The sun is shining and Gävle is preparing for all the great bands that will host this town festival! I will be there and make some reviews, interviews and keeping you all updated under and through the shows! […]

Metaltown – Second Day

It rained almost the entire night and the festival camping was more quiet than expected. Many were hidden in their tents from that heavy rain. We all were relieved that the sun took the rain’s place that Saturday morning. Although the weather was more phsycopathic than the day before, a mix of sunny weather, cloudy and […]

Metaltown – First Day

This year festival was really good. Metaltown did a great work with many improvements since last year. I did not menage to see some early bands on the first day because I arrived quite late. It really takes more time than planned to pick up everyone and the traffic was very busy. I had the […]

Rockweekend Part 1

There is something magical about Music Festivals. When good music meet great people in so many different circumstances it is exciting and full of surprises. You never know if you will meet someone that you haven’t met since forever or if you will get to know new wonderful people! At festivals you have the chance […]