Ronnie Bergerstål [Grave]

Grave was really there from the beginning. Since 1986 until today they have written 10 album of traditional swedish death metal. Last year they just released Endless Procession of Souls by Century Media and they had a terrific tour in North America and Canada with Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral. Ronnie Bergerstål has played drums in Grave […]

George Kollias [Nile]

You should all know by now who George Kollias is. Not only one hell of a drummer but even a very distinguished composer. At age 12 he already owned a drum set and from that moment he dedicated his life to music. Today beside playing in the death metal band Nile, inspired of Egypt’s mythology, he’s […]

Mats Johansson [Mustasch]

Mustasch is a swedish hardrock band filled with attitude. You can surely have in mind their great hits such Black City (2003) and Double Nature (2007). I thought about a new fresh start of this site with some fun company of Mustasch’s bass player Mats Johansson, so I asked him some questions: If you should […]

Ande [Kissin’ Dynamite] -5 Questions

Young. They are young and full of metal. Kissin’ Dynamite are already out with their second album” “Addicted to Metal” they surprice me how developed they are! Great composing, technique and quality. Germany jumps in the rock L.A. sound better than you can imagine! Jim, Andi, Hannes, Ande, Steffen I popped 5 questions to Ande, […]

Crash [HEAT] – 5 Questions

Småland is a very cozy and charming piece of the south-east of Sweden. Now I’m in Oskarshamn by the sea and the weather is amazing, 20°c. In this cute little city many small music events take place time to time. In July will HEAT, the new Upplands Väsby-band that brings the 80’s glamrock back, make […]