Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow [3.5]

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In Stormcrow, second album of Cain’s Offering, we meet strong names. Former Sonata Artica’s Jani Liimatainen (guitars), Timo Kotipelto (vocals) and Jens Johansson (keyboards) from Stratovarius. So my expectations were pretty high on this one. Classic progressive power metal embraced with kind melodies and semi-aggressive riffs. The dynamics are all there. Skillful fast tracks like Constellation of Tears and Antemortem with the traditional escalating beat with running guitars duos, and grand airy vocal verses. Sweet ballads like Too Tired to Run, with soft melodies resembling Dream Theater’s slower songs. Mid-tempo tracks like I Will Build You A Rome where even if the riff is simple it makes this piece to stand out from the concept. Even an instrumental track is added, I Am Legion, a lot cinematic. The production is very clean and well-polished where the vocals are in the center and close to the ear. The phrases and melodies are easy to remember and catchy giving the album a modern touch. Though I hoped to hear more from Cain’s Offering. The songs need more energy and a higher boost. They just follow too much the traditional genre line giving the album not so more to find, especially from great musicians that should have shown more.

Release: 15.05.2015
Frontiers Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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