Hypothermia – Svartkonst [3.0]

Hypothermia-Svartkonst-cover copy

Hypothermia has been active in the Scandinavian metal scene for over a decade, having assets of a rather rich discography, in which the latter Svartkonst is their fifth full-length album. The music of Hypothermia doesn’t give any feeling of warmth, walking the listener for almost forty minutes through an abstract dialog of metallic sounds, meditative rhythms and dark melodies. You can hear the post-rock monotony in the guitars and drums which gives the entire album a solid ground for the development of the tracks. Although the ensemble of similar riffs welcomes only a small piece of the crowd, giving little space to other ears not so into this genre. It’s almost like Hypothermia lose themselves into the music in a trancelike way, almost fading away as the music seems to eternally continue. What I appreciate the most in this album is that it’s live recorded and takes the listener closer. It’s important because Hypothermia is more than just music, it’s a mystic philosophy and their image contributes to their sound concept. I was hoping for more elements like the violin in Regnvals, one of the strongest track in the album. Also the final track Vy holds more dynamical changes which would appreciate the following of another one. If you want to be hypnotized in a meditative way you really should listen to this instrumental album.

Release: 15.05.2015
Agonia Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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