The Moth Gatherer – In search for the light

The Moth Gatherer

Swedish metal/post rock band The Moth Gatherer has just recorded their new album The Earth Is The Sky, which will be released later this year via Agonia Records.

What is remarkable for this band is that they formed because of personal issues. They lost people they loved and cared about which made the sorrow difficult to deal with. With the music they found a way to mourn.
“Me and Victor got to know each other back in High school, we played in different hardcore bands together and then we took a break from creating music together. But in 2008 we got back together and wrote the foundations to what would become The Moth Gatherer. We never had a plan with the band, it just felt good to get together and write out the anxiety. The rest is, what they say, history.” – says Alex. “When you lose someone, a lot of things in your world is upside down, and it’s hard to see something positive. You also get a lot of questions about why? More or less, we fumble in darkness. Moths always searches for a source of light, like you do. So for me, the name stands for a search for hope. “.

The music is a flow of seriousness and despair with a strong strength within. Where post rock meets doom with very primitive voices making the sound more closer.
“I would say that it is quite dark and dreamlike. Each song for me is a journey, it starts at one point and ends somewhere else. For me the music is searching the dark parts of your soul and mind, forcing you to deal with shit you don’t want to deal with. And then be able to move on. 

To put a label on the music is hard, but some people have called it post rock or sludge, and I suppose that that’s fine. Call it whatever floats your boat.” – Alex explains.

What distinguishes The Earth Is The Sky from the previous A Bright Celestial Light?
“A Bright Celestial Light” was this dark colossus. All the riffs are like walls and the overall feeling was kinda bleak. We touched elements like electronica and stuff. With “The Earth Is The Sky” we wanted to explore our sound and incorporate sounds in a more natural way. We wanted it to feel like us but with a new sound with more textures and try to avoid the total black we had on the debut. Less is not more, more is more! I think the overall feeling on “The Earth Is The Sky” is more dreamlike, open and more desperate. The Moth Gatherer 2.0. 

After these years did The Moth Gatherer’s music work as a therapy to struggle the loss?
Yes, I would say it did. I actually have a hard time listening to “A Bright Celestial Light” since it is so attached with thoughts and feelings, kinda like Pandora’s box but with our monsters in it. The new album is like a new page, and it deals with other thoughts, so the band is still like therapy, but this time it’s not as naked and personal.

Is The Moth Gatherer planning an upcoming tour?
No, we have not talked about it yet. But we are not strangers to the thought! I think we will handle the future as we go, right now all the focus goes towards the new album and some festivals this summer.
We’ll see what happens when the album is out!

Alex Stjernfeldt – bass and vocals
Victor Wegeborn – guitars, electronics and vocals
Svante Karlsson – drums

/Viktoria Colonna

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