Hardcore Superstar – HCSS [4.5]


With this tenth studio album HCSS, Hardcore Superstar takes you way back where all started. The sound and style are traditional nasty sleaze rock. It opens with a nice attitude embraced Dont Mean Shit maintaining the party mood but more laid back this time. Jocke Berg keeps up through the album with his thorny voice, although it’s much more mature now. He really sings the tracks with feeling. Especially in Fly Jocke sings lovely. Best track on this album, gives you really the 70’s prog rock Pink Floyd-vibes. Vic Zino fills the album with his catchy guitar riffs and ticklish melodies. From The Ocean the band increases the beat with more toughness. With Touch the Sky they go forward to a cooler modern sound, bringing you in a smoky rock futuristic lounge.
This album keeps its traditional glam rock but within different time periods. From the soft 70’s to the sleazy rock’n’roll 80’s and to today’s hipster bar. It feels very refreshed. I hear now a more level-headed Hardcore Superstar with a genuine production. Keeping the youth and playfulness, the production feels more serious making this album one of the best they have ever released.

Release: 21.04.2015
Gain Music Entertainment

/Viktoria Colonna

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