Dynazty + Dragonforce @Debaser Medis Sthlm (Swe)

Dynazty + Dragonforce @Debaser Medis Sthlm (Swe) 04.04.2015  + + + Debaser Medis is one of the center clubs in Stockholm where many rock concerts have been held. This Saturday night was Dragonforce and Dynazty‘s turn to rock the place as their last date for the Swedish tour. Maybe because of the Easter holiday, the place was not so crowded at all. But there were of course devoted fans in the front row, wearing Dragonforce t-shirts, waiting almost one hour for the concert to start. On my own I settled myself with my iPhone camera from a distance! Not so good pictures at all, but much smoother to bring along.

Dynazty Stage 1

With the new album Renatus, Dynazty has toughened up for sure. Forget about the glam clothes and the slight make up, it’s casual black that counts now. Nils Molin sang with a raspy voice with much more attitude. The bands’ headbanging has moved Dynazty forward to the metal image. Playing on home ground, they seem to feel at ease, waving at their friends through the crowd. They are great connecting with the listeners and at small talking. *

Dynazty Stage 2

The sound though wasn’t so accomplished. The vocals wasn’t so clear and the bass melted together with the guitars in a subdued noisy way. That could be because as I heard, they got kind of a fast soundcheck. Even the stage lights weren’t planned any further. The stage was too dark at some moments and the red lights made the view blurry. In the crowd there were spots where the red lights were sometimes more annoying than enjoyable. But since the first track Run Amok Dynazty delivered pure energy through the songs. Cross the Line and Starlight were the most strong ones. They played almost all the tracks from Renatus beside Raise your Hands. A great choice of a catchy single from Sultans of Sin. I wished the crowd could match the band’s enthusiasm and great performance. I didn’t get why many of the people that night were so laid back, I wanted to actually shake them off!

Dragonforce Stage1

Just after 15 minutes Dragonforce made the entrance. Well-known for their liking of parties they fast announced about one after party at Kelly’s (a rock pub close to Debaser Medis).  With beer on stage, they immediately made it a party ground. Power Metal with all its glorious fastness, it all started with Defenders, straight after of course a blipblop game- melody-loop intro. Although the stage lights and sound didn’t improve with time, Dragonforce did a great show. They played a mix of hits from different albums, Fury of the Storm, Black Winter Night, Operation Ground and Valley of the Damned were just some off the playlist. Symphony of the Night is a slower track that I really enjoyed. Marc Hudson sings with such a controlled and clean voice. It’s a shame that the sound didn’t make it possible to hear it better.

Dragoforce  Stage2

It’s really impressive how Herman Li can play so almost automatically flawless. They ran from one side of the stage to the other constantly having an eye connection to the crowd and encouraging them to moshpit in the middle. And a little group was built, jumping and headbanging around. Gee Anzalone played the drums as he had been in the band much longer than a year. He really fits Dragonfroce. One of the finishing songs of the concert was Ring of Fire, cover of Johnny Cash, part of the latest album Maximum Overload. It was very unexpected to hear the piece all Dragonforce-ish!

But fun! Bottom line: Great performances, dumpish sound, very skillful musicians, and a nice after-party!

/Viktoria Colonna  

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