The mysticism of Hypothermia


“We have grown from solitude into an order of connected spirits, similar to a brotherhood. We are becoming able to direct ourselves with more precision and efficiency, something which can be experienced through our various forms of actions” – Kim Carlsson says. “It is ritualistic minimalism. The pulse of the void, beating throughout the world in every plant and being, waiting to nourish spirit and mind.”

Founded in 2001 Hypothermia, ethereal black metal trio from Sweden, has been active in 13 years, in May they will release the new album Svartkonst by Agonia Records.
Hypothermia music is almost meditative, like if they have a specific purpose or symbolism with it and as Kim continues:
“Meditation is an important ritual which would impossible not to impart into the natural elements of the sounds that we create and share as performances, live or recorded. Symbolism can and should be found in anything and everything. Some will be found by us, some will be found by you.”

Still after so many years there is very little written in the media about Hypothermia, Mysticism really belongs to the band: “We have been avoided and overseen in media, which together with times of introversion may not always create the optimal platform of promotion, along with that we haven’t been signed to any label before that shared anything we do to you and others. Up until now we have simply been found by those who search.

What you find though while searching for Hypothermia are very expressionistic artworks. In fact Kim’s artwork is very unique. He uses for example blood, spoiled milk, ink or wine in the paintings.

Svensk Vemod III
“When I don’t walk to meditate or explore I tend to have some camera with me to capture something symbolizing something that needs to be expressed with more than words or sounds and often as an accompaniment of those. Same goes for when I gather ingredients and paint, it is to capture something genuine in a way that can be expressed and experienced by others too, through many times it is more of a meditation or explorations as well that is done for empowering myself. But sometimes others establish a connection to some of my creations and contact me about it and may then purchase that work from me to experience on their own or simply decorate their home.”

Svensk Vemod III 

Serpentine FlowSanctuary

Serpentine Flow, Sanctuary

Hypothermia are:
Kim Carlsson – vocals/guitars
Richard Abrams – drums
Hans Cools – guitars

/Viktoria Colonna

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