Spinnup launches Stream Your Dream


Here is a chance for all you aspiring independent metal and rock bands out there! Universals own digital distribution service, Spinnup along with the swedish music magazine Gaffa, have launched a competition called “Stream Your Dream“. By uploading a single on their site, using the code StreamYourDream, you have the possibility to win the following:

– A recording session with Substitute Music Group who also contributes with mastering.

– The winner will get added to Spotify playlist Digster Fresh. A playlist with over 150 000 followers.

– A marketing package with promo movie, pictures, text and exposure through Spinnup, Universal and Gaffa.

The three contributions that have streamed the most between 11th and 17th of May will get the opportunity to play at showcase gig along with two other bands, chosen by Gaffa and Spinnup scouts. There you will stand in front of a jury of artists, a&r:s, journalist and music business people.

You only have until the 12th of April to enter, so what are you waiting for? Take the chance to win the hearts of a major music company with rock and metal!

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