Morgoth – Ungod [3.0]


After 19 years of quite a silence, Morgoth is back with the album Ungod and with new singer Karsten Jäger. They jump deep into the classical death metal archive from the 90’s, but with a shot of contemporary music. Groove passages, and traditional riffs with a resemblance to Obituary.
I had expected more hunger from Morgoth after so many years. But I can’t retrieve the thrill from the sound. the music is dull and unfortunately not so spontaneous, giving a repetitive line to the songs. Black Enemy and God is Evil are tracks where dynamics are strong and Karsten Jäger shows his real talent.
Traditional death certainly appreciated, but there are so many corners where to experiment and where to take influences from, that I wanted to hear a more curious Morgoth.
The musical base is made to accommodate Jäger’s crude wide growl. in truth, the whole band gives the impression of being at ease with the entire work.
Morgoth made with Ungod a great work with the production and arrangement, which remains respectful to the basic rules of the genre, but it ensures greater musicality.

Release: 30.03.2015
Century Media

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