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Tor Helge Gjengeda, Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen, Øvyind Madsen, Eivind Huse, Kyrre Teigen

Vulture Industries is one of most unique Norwegian dark progressive Metal bands. Now the band from Bergen takes another step in their steadily climbing career. With their collaboration with Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (Mayhem, Grave) they are creating the special show “The Babylon Spiral“, which will be performed  in Oslo, Norway on the 2nd of April as part of the Inferno Festival at Kulturhuset.
I asked Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen a couple of easy questions, where he even links to very interesting videos! Read below!

In Bergen, a city well-known for its metal scene, how was it to grow up and start a band?
I grew up in Bryne, a small city surrounded by farmland south of Stavanger. At the time, the metal and rock scenes there were pretty much just one scene. Otherwise, there would not be enough people to start more than one, maybe two bands. We were outsiders I guess, being among the few that were into neither sports nor religion. I had a couple of bands together with different people at the time, but none of them amounted to much. It was not until I moved to Bergen at the age of 22 that I started getting seriously into music.
I originally moved to study at the university here, but by chance, I wound up doing music full-time after a couple of years. At the time I moved here, Øyvind our guitarist, had a band but was looking for a new singer. I knew him from before and decided to give it a try. It worked out well and after searching for what direction we wanted to take the band in it finally turned into what is now “Vulture Industries”.

Vulture Industries’s music has been called artistic and complex, but even impulsive and experimental. Did it need a specific mood or place to compose it, or it took form spontaneously?
Sometimes the mood will find you and sometimes you will have to find the mood. It is not always possible to force.

Your image changed from the typical jeans and dark t-shirt mode to a more folklore style with white shirt and suspenders. Where did the idea come from?
We have been doing stage outfits since the first album. There are some promo pics from old times when we did not do it, but these are from the demo days. We have always been into making a total expression where the music, lyrics, stage antics, presentation and look mutually enforce each other. If you listen to a Vulture Industries album it doesn’t sound like something played by a bunch of normal looking guys, so it shouldn’t be presented as such.

Vulture Industries and graphic artist Costin Chioreanu will come together on stage, how did it happen?
We have been working with Costin for some years now and have a very good artistic understanding with him. We don not have to tell him what we want. He already knows since his mind seems to work among the same lines.
We first got in touch with him in Romania a couple of years ago. He was in-house artist at a festival we were playing at, and held an exhibition there. I was really inspired by his art, and as we talked it turned out there was a mutual fascination and Costin was also a fan of the band.
When working on the material for “The Tower” we realized that we would need an illustration this time, not a photo like we have done on the previous two. From this realization the way to contacting Costin was short. He got really turned on by the project as the ideas and concept of the album really matched with thoughts and ideas he had himself. He made 4 fantastic pictures for the CD and vinyl and as a continuation of the collaboration he made a fantastic animated video for the track “Lost Among Liars”. The video is a very dark and gloomy journey through a surreal universe and fits the music perfectly. You can check it on youtube HERE
After doing all these things together, we figured we needed to go even further, and now the logical continuation was to bring Costin up on stage.

It also says that the Babylon Spiral Show will draw the audience on a journey through time; can you tell us about the show?
It will cross boundaries and it will be lots of fun! Anyone who wants to know more should check out the presentation Costin made as it also shows his side of things HERE

And I have to ask, who is the dog that appears in videos and photos?
Meet Luca. She is the boss of who gets in and out of my sound studio. She also does guest vocals on our previous album “The malefactor’s bloody register” on the song “This Cursed Flesh”.


/Viktoria Colonna

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