Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers [4.5]

Barren Earth Cover

With their 3rd album Barren Earth is ready to follow the path mixing melodic death, progressive gothic metal with a twirl of doom. This album surprise us with variety of listening through the voluminous tracks which are very metallic and solid. This time more progressive than their previous “The Devil’s Resolve” with still a scent of Amorphis. Even Candlemass hides in the heavy riffs when the rhythms shifts to a sudden doom.
New vocalist Jón Aldará (Hamferð) has given the band an entire new dimension to the music. His impressive musical voice with a wide range, makes a brilliant contrast with the dark severe growl. Very theatric with well-articulate lyrics.
The keyboards intro of Frozen Processions takes you into a symphonic sphere, with harmonious airy riffs and opera drifting song still together with the deep growl. In A Shapeless Derelict, the violin and the gothic atmosphere leave the harmony from the previous track to bring you in a psychedelic state of mind á la Opeth. The guitarists 
Sami Yli-Sirniö and Janne Perttilä create electroacoustic textures, complex but equally filled with melody. The strong side in this album is actually the title track On Lonely Towers which contains a bouquet of variations. In its 11 min. story is one of the darkest piece in the entire composition. I would describe it like beautiful demons in a music box. Tingling small tunes accompany heavy grotesque melodies. The Vault is a proggressive feast! Here the keyboards and lead guitar has a technique battle. Sweet to the ears.
On Lonely Towers is an album without haste. The tracks are carefully composed with many well-structured ornaments from different styles. Supremely accomplished.

Release: 30.03.2015
Century Media

/Viktoria Colonna

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