220 Volt + Wolf @Katalin Uppsala (Swe)

220 Volt + Wolf @Katalin Uppsala (Swe) 28.03.2015  + + + +  

Uppsala is not very known for its rock scene, even if great metal bands have their roots from here. It’s not so often that rock concerts take place in town. So Katalin made a great decision to bring here 220 Volt and Wolf.
Katalin has over the years become a popular venue for both foreign and Swedish artists. Many musical experiences have been created here. And because Katalin was a warehouse in the old days, it has a unique character and spacious room  build in dark wood and with an airy high roof.

People took their time to fill the crowd, only 15 min. before 220 Volt would start, the room was almost empty. You could hear the voices and glass tinkling from the pub on the other side. But finally when the band was on this way-too-little stage the crowd was forming up.

220 Volt has made a comeback. It was 30 years ago they released their first Vinyl. And now with a rebuilt line-up they are really enthusiastic and are touring together with Wolf.
All the way from Jämtland, 500 km north from Uppsala, 220 volt had even a group of devoted fans from the same place of origin. They were in the front row, cheering and singing along the hits.
The sound was very well-balanced. Not too loud and all the instruments had their space. The band new singer, Anders Engberg, (Sorcerer, Lion’s Share, Therion) has a terrific voice. He sang with such a controlled tone filled with feeling and dynamic.

220 Volt’s heavy metal is old school towards a Stoner Rock image. Still holding a rasping basic the melodies are clean and warm. With Wolf afterwards they made a great combo.

220 Volt Live220 Volt

 Till the time that Wolf took over the stage after just 15 min break, many people came and the atmosphere was electrically loaded but sill cozy.

Wolf released 2014 the album Devil Seed, and many of the songs were from that album. Directly from the energetic Shark Attack the band was a mischievously pleasure to watch. All from bassist Anders Modd‘s natural everlasting joy, guitarist Simon Johannson‘s charming cockiness, drummer Richard Holmgren‘s smashing will to singer Niklas Stålvind‘s contagious devotion and empathy. Yes because Niklas has a unique music empathy blending the steady 90’s classic dirty sound with deep metaphoric lyrics.

Anders ModdSimon Johansson

                                            Anders Modd, Simon Johansson

The concert developed with each song, becoming more rapid, tough and fun. Wolf gives their anything on stage. Body and soul. While entertaining the crowd they surely enjoy it themselves and they are great showing it. Niklas knows how to talk between some tracks, holding a link intact with the listeners. But as expected from the founder of Wolf since ’95.

Niklas Stålvind

The best tracks were with no doubt Skeleton Woman and My Demon, I think actually their latest album have strong hits. There are so many bands which have been on the road many years, with a list of full-length album in the backpack, but with the latest ones, empty and quite boring. But Wolf keep their passion in the music. They have heavy metal in their bones.

Even with the change of rhythms and dynamics Wolf keeps a streight intensity live. You never see any doubt in the band’s performance. Their focus is always spot on to simply deliver great traditional skull crashing heavy metal.

Niklas Stålvind

/Viktoria Colonna

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