Sugizo will be part of POD TUNE


POD TUNE is an inspired musical collaboration between humpback whales and acclaimed ambient composers from around the world. The POD TUNE album weaves together the ethereal beauty of whale song with human instrumentation and voices to create an original and accessible ambient compilation designed to enhance any listening environment. The mission of POD TUNE is to connect audiences to mythic undersea realms and to channel funds to support ocean vitality.

Cetaceans do not possess vocal cords and so do not generate their singing the way humans do. Instead they create sound by sending air through their enormous nasal cavities.

Whales within an expansive area sing the same song. For example, humpback whales in the North Atlantic region sing the same song, while humpbacks in the North Pacific sing a different song. The song of each population evolves over a period of years without ever repeating.

Humpbacks may sing without ceasing for 24 hours or longer.

/Viktoria Colonna

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