Sorcerer – In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross [5.0]

Sorcerer Album

It’s really a pleasure to listen to In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross. A mixture of traditional Doom metal and actually classic hard rock. Indeed the singer Anders Engberg has a great voice range, clear and confident with the typical heavy metal long tunes and short vibrato. Within the mysterious melodies through the tracks, Anders sings with deep feeling and passion making the album very theatrical. Some track which are even 7-8 mins long, are even divided in subconscious acts. Sorcerer changes mood from song to song giving the album different characters and more dynamic. You can hear this change from Lake of the Lost Souls, a dark sad story with its beautiful glissando, to Exercise the Demon, leaving melancholy for a while to a more playful, progressive track, with choirs and demoniacal teasy small whispers. You can clearly hear in the tracks, Kristian Niemann‘s clean guitars slides and riffs. Johnny Hagel‘s bass is never tired, constantly balanced and hard, leading the music forward like a conductor, with the company of Robert Iversen‘s direct drums. I’m thrilled that Sorcerer made a very epic doom ballad which is in the last track Pagans Dance.
This album has it all. Sorcerer are professional, technical and passionate, attaching to doom metal the essential parts of the classic rock, forming an album to remember.

Release: 24.3.2015
Metal Blade

/Viktoria Colonna

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