MAЇAK – A Very Pleasant Way To Die [3.5]


If you are into experimental post-rock listening, this is the album for you. MAЇAK composes 5 wide, complex tracks which mix intense melodies, surrounded with raspy, rough tunes. It almost feels metallic to the ear. A bit monotonous with just a light loss of dynamics, the tracks brings you tranquility and are harmonious to hear even if there should be more changes of rhythm. The melodies are sometimes too repetitive, specially in the beginning of Sometimes You’ve Got To Take the Hardest Line which just goes rounds within the exactly same pace, but then all of sudden you hear these sweet guitars intertwine in nearly a fog music, becoming a mass of artistic chaos. Interesting how one track can be a weak link and a strong one at the same time! We All Live In a Yellow Kursk is a very beautiful and clever production. Plucked melodies in a waltz with death itself? MAЇAK ‘s music is delicate but rough, dark but light, nostalgic but modern. The band recorded this album in three days-session. Very fast for entirely 42 minutes weighty composition. I’m certain if they had more time, this album would have been grandiose. I look forward to hear more in the future.

Release: 20.03.2015
Fluttery Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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