Death (DTA) Symbolic Tour Stockholm

Death (DTA) Symbolic Tour – Klubben Stockholm 20.3.2015  + + + + +

Death finally reached Stockholm with their 20th anniversary Symbolic Tour in memorial of Chuck Shuldiner.
Klubben was filled with enthusiastic young and old fans, wearing Death t-shirts and thrilled with strong anticipation.
The wait was a little too long but when the sound check was done and the lights were retested the band appeared and the crowd forgot about it in a second.
They played many songs from different albums, but most from Symbolic, as from where the tour got its name. The best during the evening was, in addition to the huge variation of Chuck songs, the technically fast Overactive Imagination, the brutal old school track Zombie Ritual and the swinging Zero Tolerance.

Steve DiGiorgio was the evening’s speaker who not only offered immoderate joy but his peculiar fretless 6 strings bass gave the music a very unique sound. It’s not every day the bass player is the front figure, Steve even did a very welcomed bass solo!

Steve DiGiorgio

Gene “The Atomic Clock” Hoglan played as usual furious and frenetic without showing the slightest sign of energy consumption. His performance was mechanical and showed his legacy as one of the best extreme metal drummers.

The very shy Max Phelps‘s growl had a striking resemblance with Chuck’s. Both he and Bobby Koelble‘s guitar sound were as close to flawless and faithful to the original they could possibly get.
Steve and Bobby had crowd contact the entire concert, while Max was very quiet and just did his thing. Well, it must be enormous to be on stage with three metal legends.
Max played the same guitar that Chuck made famous, B.C. Rich Stealth model with its unique spidery style.

Max Phelps

Bobby Koelble

During a little more than 1,5 hours Death gave us a very nostalgic trip to what actually formed Death Metal. The crowd couldn’t get enough, and the band reappeared to play again. Though they began to play “We’re not gonna take it” by Twisted Sister because of the sad news that Anthony Jude Pero had passed away the same evening. A very honorable gesture.

Steve DiGiorgio continues to make sandals metal just as Chuck did. And there is not just anyone that can wear it and make it actually cool!

Steve DiGiorgio’s metal sandal!

/Viktoria Colonna

Photos by Christoffer Bertzell

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