TOTO – XIV [3.5]


Nine years have passed since Toto‘s last studio album “Falling In Between”. The long wait made this come back quite a surprise for many out there.
XIV has all the characteristics in being a West Coast album. The blending of pop, rock, prog, jazz is all there. The class and elegance continue to preserve an importance in Toto’s sound but I miss some insights from their earlier work which made the music more exiting to listen to. I was even expecting something different after all those years, with a modern touch in it, but the tracks that follow are just as Toto has always been.
The new drummer Keith Carlock stands out. The sound is more soft and less sharp than before, which gives the music more flow.The opening track “Running Out Of Time” is tough, entrusted in the riffs of Steve Lukather’s guitar. I like the pop melodies of “All The Tears That Shine“, and “Chinatown” is sparkling and sinuous in its perfect West Coast style. Even if we can strongly hear the enthusiasm in Toto’s come back, it seems that they didn’t want to jump into unknown waters, but they remains within their music border they do and know best.

Release – 20.3.2015
Frontiers Music srl

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