Max Lilja – Morphosis [4.0]


Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, where almost the entire world has changed, after you have been under earth for many, many years. Finally you escape and you must survive and look forward even if the surroundings are more than dark.

The entire album is like a narrative development likewise as for a music transformation. The contrast of the fast, deep bass upbeat with the cello’s soft calm melodies is beautiful and very expressive. Here Max Lilja has fun with experimenting different analog and digital sounds. Two, three voices in dialog with eachother, becoming more intensive through the album. In the title track Morphosis you can listen clearly as Lilja’s classical background remains intact while the form is futuristic. As you can listen in Black Java or Unstoppable, even if the rhythm is monotonous, the strong increasing dynamic in the songs give it all a natural pleasant flow. Like in Machinery and Lonely Blue the music hasn’t haste. It takes its moment of waiting for the following tunes. This happens in almost all the tracks giving the listener curiousity of what is next to come. One cinematic album that takes the cello on an entire other level of development.

Release: 10 April
Fluttery Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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