Enforcer – From Beyond [4.5]


It is impossible not to feel nostalgic after listening to “From Beyond“. It takes you right into the 80:s with its noisy rattled speed.These Swedish guys do what they like, and they do it extremely well. With this spontaneity they are capable of hitting with all their songs, no matter who is listening. Because even if the sound is very related to the typical Iron Maiden’s heavy metal, the choice of rhythmic is perfectly aware of the features you would expect from an album of today.
For example in the instrumental track “Hungry They Will Come” you can strongly hear the speed in the first minutes that brings you to the debut album of Iron Maiden, but through the tracks you can listen to the contrast of classical rock and modern production. “Undying Evil” and “Destroyer” are songs which are meant to get stuck in the head from the first listen, all acute, with sharp riffs and a sweet double bass. “Below The Slumber” is a charming semi-ballad track which is the most serious and long track in this album.The title track “From Beyond” breaks the rhythm bringing some dynamic that suspends you from the classical sound which follow into the other songs.
The passion from Enforcer is here in this album and
I must say that this time the pieces are more elaborated than their earlier work and they are all tremendously effective and engaging, perhaps as never before.

Release – 2015-02-27
Nuclear Blast

/Viktoria Colonna

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