Wayne Static , frontman of Static-X , died for having Xanax mixed with other powerful prescription drugs and alcohol .

This was revealed by Blabbermouth, which obtained a copy of the death certificate released yesterday. 48 year old, born Wayne Richard Wells , was ready to leave for a tour with Powerman 5000 and Drowning Pool when he was found dead at his home in Landers, California , November 1, 2014 .
“On November 1 at approximately 0700, he and his wife went to bed.

“His wife stated that, prior to going to bed, he crushed half of a 30mg oxycodone pill and consumed it. The oxycodone had been prescribed to his wife. He also drank an unknown amount of alcohol.

“His wife arose around 1530. She found the decedent dead in the bed, and called 911 at 1547. Paramedics arrived and confirmed death at 1600, noting rigour mortis and lividity. There was no evidence of foul play or any indication a struggle had taken place.”

Wray told investigators that Static took oxycodone, Xanax and alcohol to deal with panic attacks, and that he observed the daily dosage of Xanax. He’d been prescribed oxycodone too, but would sometimes use hers. She confirmed that both of them had formerly used cocaine and ecstasy, but they’d stopped using the drugs in 2009.

The coroner continues: “The decedent’s mother stated he was a self-admitted alcoholic. She believed his drinking had been a problem for about two years. Both his wife and mother stated that he was not suicidal.”

Official manner of death is given as “natural.”


/Viktoria Colonna