30 Seconds to Mars on the new album

30-seconds-to-mars-love-lust-dreamsThe level of ambition is always beyond the sky when 30 Seconds to Mars sits in the driver’s seat. When launching their new album, called Love Lust Faith + Dreams, the band actually had their first single, Up in the air, shot into space by NASA in Florida. Check out THIS INTERVIEW on Fuse.TV with the band where the guys and frontman Jared Leto talk about the direction of the songs.

I think that we really made the album that we set out to make. We recorded all over the world: Paris to Berlin; India to Schladming, Austria! That was certainly a huge influence on the album.”
“Love, lust, faith and dreams; each of the songs of the album touch on those four themes. Each of those words are used in every song at least once. Certainly, a really conceptual album from the very beginning. Very much an album album, not just a collection of singles.

/Viktoria Colonna

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