Avantasia – Sleepwalking [Official Video]

Tobias Sammet - An InterviewTobias Sammets Avantasia have released a video for the single Sleepwalking which features singer Cloudy Yang as a female counterpart in this duet. The song is a beautiful pop/rock song that features fantastic performances from both vocalists. The video was shot in Germany, in a snowy forest during evening time. The story line is clearly Grimm-inspired with some cool red riding hood-effects. Tobias sums it up in these words:

It was far below freezing… and there we were, standing in the snow storm for hours, walking through a haunted forest. It felt a bit like ‘Sleepy Hollow’ meets ‘Brothers Grimm,’ but the pictures that came out were really great and compensated for the torture.

If you want to read more about the album (or Tobias) check out these (1 & 2) articles.

/Christoffer Bertzell

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