Pretty Maids – Motherland [4.0]

Denmarks Pretty Maids have been a constant force of heavy metal music all the way since 1981. To be still rocking, as founders Ken Hammer and Ronnie Atkins are, is a remarkable merit. Sure there are a lot of bands that are going on and on, releasing some albums and mostly touring. But Pretty Maids still feels fresh. Ronnie Atkins do possess a fantastic voice, and the songwriting is not stuck in some simple 90:s, post 80:s depression, formula. Instead the songs features modern heavy metal takes on power and progressive metal with lot’s of melodies that enriches traditional metal riffs.

These guys actually manage to outperform a lot of younger colleagues. When you hear Ronnie sing it’s no wonder why Tobias Sammet chose him to sing on the new Avantasia album. His voice balances between very clean and heavy raspy. Like somewhere in between Andy Deris (Helloween) and Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob). Something that really shines through in heavy power metal songs such as The Iceman and Motherland.

Personally I am really fond of the AOR-ish ballads Sad to see you suffer and Bullet for you, but heavier moments as in To fool a nation and Mother of all lies are just as superb melodics. There are some questionable choruses as in Hooligan and Who What Where When Why. With too obvious structures, both lyrically and in melody, they give a lazy impression. But in compensation you get really heavy and well balanced verses. This is very good heavy metal album with high versatility and a musicianship.

Release 22.03.2013
Frontiers Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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