Dead by April: Jimmie Strimell out, Stoffe in.


As rumored Jimmie Strimell have been fired from Dead by April. The departure of the screamer/singer is quite the surprise, just as the case was when guitarist/songwriter Pontus Hjelm first left the band, and later on when guitarist Johan Olsson was fired.


According to the press release of the band the reason is the increasingly hardship of working with Jimmie Strimell as he allegedly have personal problems, in this case drugs. Even though this press release is very much detailed, it does not tell what kind of drug problems this dispute involves.

It is quite uncommon for bands to disclose this kind of information. Jimmie Strimell has now answered to the criticism in the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. He confirms that it has been a turbulent time in the band with a lot of problems and that he has previously in his life had problems with drugs. However he claims that he has been clean for a longer time now and also points out that he has never missed out one single gig (as was insinuated in the press release). Pontus Hjelms replies that the definite ruling was because of Jimmie’s use of alcohol.

The new singer is Christoffer “Stoffe” Andersson, who is previously known from Sonic Syndicate and By Night. Below you can read the whole press release.

Dear all,

First of all excuse us for taking time to declare the rumors that has flourished the internet the past days.

We’re deeply sorry to inform you that Jimmie Strimell no longer will be a part of Dead By April. The reason we had to make this decision is because of Jimmie’s personal problems. His problems has affected the band for many years and we have basically tried everything we could to make this work. We have even gone through group therapy lately to get honesty and sincerity into the group. As nothing changed we had to realize that if we want to move forward with this band there’s unfortunately no other way but to continue without Jimmie. We’re sick of not knowing whether he’ll turn up for shows, recordings and sick of having such bad environment within the band – at all time. It came to a point where we could not be in the same vehicle.

We also want to strongly declare that Dead By April is against drugs – an important statement for us to make in a time were we know a lot of our fans are young.

With unforgettable memories and great times together we’d like to thank Jimmie for these years.

We hope for your support and understanding about this; That we would never announce this decision unless it was absolutely necessary and our only choice.

With that said we also have some good news to announce. We have found our replacement and we want to introduce you to Christoffer “Stoffe” Andersson, whom previously been performing as replacer in Sonic Syndicate and been in Markus’ other band By Night. He’s live and kicking and it’s been years since we’ve been this excited. He’s absolutely awesome! 

Stoffe is a firm member of the band and will obviously be a part of the live-shows to come and the record we’re currently recording.
Dead By April is here to stay and the forthcoming tour is happening and we’re currently recording to what will become our third album to date. We’ll release an EP of tracks by May to support the extensive European tour we’ll be on. We hope to see you all there.

Feel free to react and share your thoughts and feelings about this. Also, if you have any questions, we will do our very best to answer all of them!

Thank you all, you’re the best, we love you always

/ Pontus, Zandro, Marcus, Stoffe & Alex

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