Stryper – Second Coming [3.5]

stryper-second coming

What better way to celebrate a bands 30th anniversary than to release a record with 14 re-recorded hits from the career (plus two new ones)? For a band like Stryper who had their highest commercial point in the eighties, while still being heavy metal, this is something that is very appreciated. I do know that it’s not that such of uncommon thing to do, but the difference lies in the fact that Stryper still sounds very good. Michael Sweet sings fantastic, Oz Fox guitar work is top notch and the production is  modern metal. A bit heavier and dirtier than you might expect from Stryper.
If Stryper wouldn’t have the overly christian lyrics and image they would without a doubt have been considered a very competent and typical heavy metal band of the eighties. To break through as a christian metal band in the eighties couldn’t have been that easy. At the same time, if they would have gone with the traditional image, the competition would have been immense. Listening to this album, it is quite clear that Stryper never really was that soft melodic eighties band. It is heavy metal, but instead of sex, drugs, rock n roll and the devil, we hear hymns of god and Jesus. I must admit that it sometimes gets a bit too much. You feel as you are listening to metal covers of psalms.
Believe it or don’t (Christian or not), but this lies musically somewhere between Dio, W.A.S.P. and Iron Maiden. this is an album consisting of classic heavy metal with old school metal riffage and perfect pitch chorus choirs. Even the truest of rockers that are in league with the devil can’t deny that classic songs as Loud N’ Clear, Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With The Devil are superb pieces, that now not only possess that awesome retro 80:s metal feel, but also a new modern suit that sounds fantastic. Not many competitors from that era can do the same.

Release 22.03.2013
Frontiers Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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