Officium Triste – Mors Viri [5.0]


Melancholy and sad despair. After 20 years of music Officium Triste includes in their new album Mors Viri what a real doom metal genre should contain: Tragical melodies cross some sort of nostalgic-waiting and roaring grief lullabies. You can name those feelings as what first shows up in your mind. The music mirrows officially dark feelings and mediate something more than just lyrics and rhythms. Even the smallest piano melodies like in Your Heaven, My Underworld or the short Interludium are filled with sensations. Though each track is different with each particular detail. Some tracks in the album develop into a more death metal chorus and other possess a cinematic level of doom. The vocals of Pim Blankenstein are narrative and close to the listener. He straight articulates the words which is actually tough-doing while growling, maintaining both the roughness and tone. The band takes even the album on a theater stage like in One with The Sea where talkative vocals are surrounded with simple acoustic guitars and ocean waves. Influences of My Dying Bride, earlier Paradise Lost and a hunch of Katatonia make Mors Viri a must-have in your doom metal collection.

Release – 18.03.2013
Hammerheart Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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