De La Cruz – Street Level [3.0]


All the way from Australia comes the sleazy melodic rock outfit De La Cruz. In their world the eighties is still around, alive and kicking. With a crisp production of clean drums, harmonized choruses and rough guitars they deliver high octane party rock music without being ashamed of it. It’s not only in the music, it is just as much in the looks, and I do bet that these guys easily could get sponsored by some hairspray company if came to question.
Casey Jones, guitarist and founder, is a future star in the guitar world. His chops and riffs are well executed and is something you also can see on his on his YouTube-channel. In this band, his playing doesn’t shine through just as much but you can still here the quality of his tone. De La Cruz is still a young band and very much in it’s beginning, but these guys can still deliver good tunes.
You find riffs filled with attitude in both Legions of Love and Cherry Bomb, while the more toned down and mysterious Dreaming presents a more dynamic song. I would like to see more work on the vocals. When an album consists of 12 songs, you need diversity and a good melodic sense. Too often you see choruses using the same structure and simple melodies. It’s not something that necessarily puts the song down, but they could be so much more. But if you are looking for some new blood of Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, you might find it in De La Cruz.

Release 22.03.2013
Frontiers Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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