Victims Of Cretion – New album details

Maltese Doom/Death lunatics Victims Of Cretion have almost completed their debut album Symmetry Of Our Plagued Existence  The album will include 5 songs that will lead you in a world full of sorrow, pain and darkness. It’s not for the faint -hearted! Before the album will see the light of day on 26th April, 2013 the band gives you a short update from the studio:


“Drums were recorded in November but could only resume recording in mid-December to January due to studio availability and various illnesses. In addition, as every band member surely experienced, it is when you need mostly your equipment that it fails! So, apart from some typical setbacks, we resumed recording guitar and bass tracks in December and by early January and finished all vocal tracks during late January.”,
 comments vocalist Rex on the recording process.
“Expect a very heavy down-tuned sound…: Slow tempo riffs with melodies and dissonance! We experimented with different microphones and pre-amps so as to obtain clear recordings while still retaining an “old school” and “raw” character. Vocals have a mixture of death metal style growls, heavy, deeper guttural growls and some screams contrasting with some intermittent clean vocals.”

The artwork was handled by Maltese artist James Scibberas.

/Viktoria Colonna
By Cyclone Empire

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