The Wandering Ascetic – Manifest Destiny [2.5]

Manifest Destiny Album Cover

This guys make it easy to listen to this EP. They follow a traditional 90’s black metal though with more thrashy vocals. But playing on a safe base within the style they become quite easily generic. The performance is pretty loose which adds a live-perfomance feeling to it, but still on an amateur level. The Wandering Ascetic has great potential to develop into a fully competent hybrid of Sodom and Darhthrone. They have attitude and rawness, plus you can really hear the will of braking through. If it wasnt’ for the lack of tightness and originality I would for sure praise the band more. Even so I’m curious to see more from this band in the future,   with better adjustments they may reach far.

– 15.03.2013
Sonic Blast Media

/Viktoria Colonna

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