Panikk – Unbearable Conditions [4.0]


Why Panikk with two kk:s? Because it’s thrash! Ladies and gentlemen, don’t mind all the hyped bands of the retro thrash wave from the 00:s you can read about in the metal magazines. If you are ready and willing to dig into the archives of true Bay Area and want something new, check out Slovenia’s Panikk.
Into the Big 4? Then forget about this. According to panikk thrash should have been known by acts such as Faith or Fear, Acid Reign, Evildead and Death Angel. As thrash should, Panikk shows off intricate feasts of riffs that can go on for long passages without having the need of vocals. And as sure as the use of speed is dominant, you often get to enjoy well placed half-tempo structures with adoration for the hi-hat, as in Cruel World (Society to Adapt).
What is so lovely about this record is the how they combine tradition in their modern production. The overall retro-dryness is boosted by a fat bass that gives the album the punch it needs. Out of nine songs we also get two instrumentals, one acoustic (Revelation of Truth). Put some topping on that with lots of angry hockey choirs and some war speech samples and you’ve got a hit in the song The Wave of Death. Mosh away!

Released 12.03.2013
Metal Tank Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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