Jimmie Strimell fired from Dead by April?

dead-by-april-jimmie-strimell-firedThere are rumors going around regarding screamer/singer Jimmie Strimell (ex.Nightrage & ex.DeathDestruction). According to his instagram account, he has been in someway kicked out of the band. How, why and if it is permanent is not disclosed. But something is definitely going on in the Dead by April-camp.

Just 2 hours ago someone of the band posted on their Facebook-page “Further announcements to be made. Follow www.deadbyapril.com“. Where if you follow the link you’ll meet THIS IMAGE and quote.

We’re Dead. By. April. 

It surely does in some subconscious way, sound as if the band will lay down their instruments and quit. But following their updates on their Facebook-page, they seem way busy recording the next album. And they have recently only cancelled one gig out of the upcoming UK-tour. What to make out of this is impossible without hearing out the other band members. Hopefully we will soon know what is going on.

/Christoffer Bertzell

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