In Utero Cannibalism – Sick [2.5]


In Utero Cannibalism is pretty much what cannibalism might be, a quite messy and gritty story. While most death metal bands go for the clean modern production nowadays, these greeks do not fear the dirtier and more organic way of producing. The distortion is dripping fat and the vocals are traditionally guttural. But the way this album stands out is how the drums actually sound like drums. The snare is quite hollow and the toms along with kick are round and bassy. No overly clickiness.
These cannibals do in other words, know exactly what they are after. Human flesh. No, seriously. Think Deicide meets Immolation. And some Bloodbath but without the hooks.
What this album lacks is an identity. You find yourself quite often forgetting which song you are listening to. The overall feel is just too generic. The riffs and melodies very seldom pop out and the vocals lie very comfortable at the same place the whole album through. You do get some groovy vibes in Retribution in Gore and Judas, but in the end it’s just plain death metal.

Release – 15.03.2013
Sleaszy Rider Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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