Tombstone Highway – Ruralizer [3.0]

tombstone highway - ruralized

Push that fat fuzz and tune your guitar low. These italian stoner lovers do know their thing. By mixing the guitars high and shoving those bluesy overdrived riffs in your face, there is simply no way to escape. You can’t resist bobbing your head along this ride in the south.
This is the worship of the riff. Think Danzig and Black Sabbath. And even though I love their riffs, riffs cannot do the job alone. Tombstone Highway do their best job when the song melodies gets attention. When the vocals come forth in Ruralizer, Bite the Dust (and bleed) and At the bitter End they even remind of Black Label Society’s finest times. Songs as Old Blood and Graveyard Blues do have the groove and rhythm to be catchy, but when the vocal melody is lost in the mud, the song stands still.
I would love to see more use of vocal harmonies and hammond organ, it gives that extra layer that remind you of Spiritual Beggars. It is a cooling blend of southern attitude and trippy doom riffs of the seventies.

Release – 12.03.2013
Agonia Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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