Beissert – Darkness Devil: Death [3.0]


Groovy slow thrash metal with doomish melodies and heavy metal riffs inserted between the verses. This is what Beissert give the listener with an explosion of theatrical voices and rough growl that follow rhythm-switches from fast to slow. Almost like a machine which starts reloading, mechanically working and declining itself to the end as in Thy Chthonic Cathedral. The sound and the production are dirty making this album looking back in post-rock time but it’s almost impossible to assemble a genre to the music. I don’t really know if the band use impulsion and improvisation or they just show us how a very planned chaos sounds like.  In the title track Darkness Devil Death you even have choirs, as a bunch of monks just slide in the studio, making an entrance to gregorian gothic/doom. But the tracks are quite alike making the entire work plane and the songs could have been longer. A couple of tracks feel almost unfinished, like made in a hurry, giving the album a piece of impersonality. Though in this album you can strongly found originality of the sound and passion. These guys are cool so if you would be interested in a thrashy-heavy metal version of Slipknot and Killswitch Engage, this is the album for ya’.

Release – 12.03.2013
Agonia Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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