The Modern Age Slavery – Requiem for us all [3.5]

TMAS - Requiem For Us All_300 dpi

After intense touring the Italian blast beaters The Modern Age Slavery has finally come out of the studio to unleash yet another impressive deathcore album. Requiem for us all is the perfect follow-up upgrade from the debut Damned to Blindness. There is in a sense more of everything, the riffs are more technical, drums are more extreme and arrangements are more dynamic, sometimes even orchestral (The silent death of cain).
The scene of deathcore stands with one big foot in death metal but also heed to the technical groove and screamo style rather than the deep growl. As always the undying love of breakdowns is featured along with lots of crystal clear grinding. TMAS do prefer to play fast. A clear majority of the songs are in the brutal death metal-vein but the band do very much have the quality of slowing things down, as in Icon of a dead world, and in fact delivering an extremely dark sound.
If you are into Heaven Shall Burn, Born of Osiris, Suicide Silence and Job for a Cowboy this is your perfect european flavor to expand the american scene. The Modern Age Slavery can stand its own both in the deathcore and death metal world.

Release – 19.03.2013
Pavement Entertainment

/Christoffer Bertzell

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