Necrocurse – Grip of the Dead [4.0]

Grip of the dead

In a parallel universe Watain (Casus Luciferi), Entombed (Clandestine) and Slayer (Show No Mercy) have transformed into a single piece of swedish death worshipping soundtrack. This is a pure celebration to the Sunlight production but with the attack of todays satanic black metal. A damn good one as well.
The guitar work of Stefan Rodin (Rotting Vomitor) and Martin Andersson (Mörda) could without any problem be inserted in your preferred Grave album but it contains a higher degree of aggressiveness. Just as Nicklas Rudolfssons (Terror) drumming is dirty and harsh, it delivers an intensity that matches thrashy black metal. The fantastic part with this style is that it lives. Yeah, lively death metal, nice contradiction. It feels analog. Even the reverb seems organic and you can virtually here how Hellbutchers voice gets sore and how he forces his vocal chords to overdrive.
For me this is a modern interpretation of the classic old school death metal sound from Sweden. It represents energy and destruction in a way that virtually forces you to headbang. And even if the musical composition can sometimes be repetitive, the straight forwardness knocks it out of you and lets you enjoy the deathly sensation alone.

Release – 11.03.2013
Pulverised Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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