Journey stops recording?

journey The world’s favorite sing-along band Journey considers not releasing any more albums. The songwriter and piano/keyboardist, Jonathan Cain, told The Pulse Of Radio that there is no urgent need for new music out of Journey, it has seemed to fade.

“Y’know, we’re not convinced the market will bear another CD from us, y’know?” he said. “And it’s so much work to make one. Y’know, maybe we get a soundtrack shot with a movie. And the last album we made was a departure. It was Neil, ‘I wanna do one this way once’ — and so we did. Y’know, we did a heavy, rock n’ roll record. And it kinda wasn’t received very well here in the States and they kinda liked it in Europe and that’s kinda what I thought was gonna happen and it barely sold 100,000.”

“After all that time and money, y’know, what are we doing here, y’know?” he said. “So, we have a great catalogue here, right now to play. We got a lot of songs that we’re not even playing. So, we’re like, ‘What’s the point of makin’ a new CD right now?’ Y’know, if anything, we’ll make an EP.”

/Christoffer Bertzell

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