The Crown: new line-up and album

132_photoOne of sweden’s finest death/thrash monsters, The Crown, have crawled out of their lair in Trollhättan and announced details regarding their new line-up and the follow-up to much appreciated and acclaimed Doomsday King from 2010. From now on guitarist Robin Sörqvist from Impious will handle lead guitar and a Japan tour is in planning.


“A lot of things are happening with The Crown at this very moment. We are in the middle of recording a true masterpiece. Marko is more or less done with his rhythm guitar work and Magnus has started with the bass stuff. He recorded a bass track for one song today before we all got together and filmed a small ‘jingle’ for our Japanese friends. Only three months until we hit Japan for the very first time. We are extremely excited about this. Hopefully we’ll see YOU there.

Last but not least, we are very proud to announce our new lineup. Yes, we have a new member in the band. His name is Robin Sörqvist and he fits the band more than perfectly. You have probably heard him in the band Impious before. He’s got the lead guitar skills and the will to kick ass, just as the rest of us.

Please embrace Robin with a big and loud HELL YEAHHHHH!!!!”

The Crown anno 2013:
Johan Lindstrand – Vocals
Marko Tervonen – Rhythm Guitar
Robin Sörqvist – Lead Guitar
Magnus Olsfelt – Bass
Janne Saarenpää – Drums

/Christoffer Bertzell

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