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Gloria Morti is today a very hyped band within the melodic death metal scene. From Finland, the band has released their 4th album  Lateral Constraint by Cyclone Empire, which was recorded and mixed by the band’s guitarist Juho Räihä.

Juho R 



“Mankind needs to evolve laterally

if we want to survive and elevate

ourselves to the next level.”


It was actually more than 10 years ago since Gloria Morti took form, how did it all start?
We were just a bunch of youngsters who happened to see a few Metallica DVD:s too many times. There were not that much to do in our home town (Heinola) and we decided to form a band to have something to do together. The goal was just to play some music and have fun together. Soon me and our former drummer Jarmo Juurikka got a bit more serious than the rest of the guys. We started to get exited about brutal and fast music and begun to demand more and more of our playing. Soon we were totally sucked in to the whole extreme Metal thing. Like minded people noticed us and we were suddenly recording our first full length with a group gathered from Heinola. Nowadays I and our vocalist Psycho are the only ones remaining from that line-up. Things seem to be still moving to the same directions as when we first started.

Who and how did you pick the band name Gloria Morti?
Actually the name was a phrase that Jarmo wanted to print on his bassdrum heads. I thought it sounded really cool and suggested that we should use it as a band name. We were trying to come up with a good band name for ages. I think Gloria Morti is still relevant and fitting name for the band.

You have developed within the years, there is more aggressiveness and your music is more rough in the new album Lateral Constraint,, is it something you had in mind or it evolved naturally?
We have always been keen on pushing our boundaries. Constantly leaning towards the extreme. The development is mostly natural but partly something we decided beforehand. We wanted to make an album that is more brutal and down to earth than our previous album Anthems of Annihilation. Next time around we’ll go for a yet different approach. Variety keeps things interesting and music should always have a hint of exploration in it.

What more can you tell us that has changed since your previous album Anthems of Annihilation?
One of the biggest things for sure is that our guitarist Juho Matikainen dropped out of the band and Eero Silvonen came to fill his place. Eero is a great guitarist and his solos are amazing. Now we have more variation with the guitars and who knows, maybe he’ll write a few songs for the band in the future.

You explained that: “Mankind needs to evolve laterally if we want to survive and elevate ourselves to the next level. We are not civilized as long as we have wars and poverty.” how can you explain it further? What is the next level?
The next level should be the end of world hunger, the end of war, the end of religion. We have all that we need on the planet for everyone to be happy. We are just really, really bad at making decisions that would benefit everyone. Mankind is acting like the animals we are. Monkeys killing monkeys killing monkeys. We know the answers but no one is asking the questions.

How did you decide your image of soldiers cover in blood with weapons? 
The band photos are a mental picture of where we are headed. There is no hope for human race. Soon we will be fighting for food and resources with no one to look after.

The lyrics in the album are very symbolic and often complex poetic. Who has written the lyrics and how has it proceeded?
I wrote the lyrics. This time around I just wrote how I feel about all of this. It’s a no holds barred attack towards the stupidity of man and the inability to think for one’s self. The lyrics are an attempt to show people the flaws in their traditional structures and thoughts.

Gloria Morti has just recorded the video of the track Slaves, In which studio was it? 
The video was shot at my studio SoundSpiral Audio. We wanted to make an honest video that would concentrate on how the song is played. We have another video on the makes that was shot during one of our live shows. That one will be much more energetic and music video like. Just stay tuned.

Do you guys have other projects beside Gloria Morti?
Indeed we have. Kauko has been playing in several different groups including Fatal Sound Project, Ydin and the most recent Gorephilia. Psycho used to sing in Nemecic and I have been playing with Before the Dawn and Riverside Syndicate. Eero used to play with Casket, Final Harvest and Routasielu. Aki plays also in Riverside Syndicate.

What are your plans this spring with the band?
We are still waiting for a tour to be announced that would take us around the northern parts of Europe. But you never know with these kind of things. Time will tell. If the tour doesn’t happen then we’ll most likely start thinking about the next album.

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Gloria Morti-Mike Sirén

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