Delain premieres on Napalm with Interlude

The dutch melodic goth metal band Delain head starts their newly signed collaboration with Napalm Records by releasing the special album Interlude. The album is not to viewed as the next studio album, instead it will feature some new songs, a couple of special versions, new mixes of popular tracks, covers, and the single ‘Are You Done With Me’ from We are the others.

Also included will be a DVD, featuring live performances and other kind of band footage. The track list will be the following:

CD track listing:

01. Breathe On Medelaininterlude
02. Collars And Suits
03. Are You Done With Me (new single mix)
04. Such A Shame
05. Cordell
06. Smalltown Boy
07. We Are The Others (new ballad version)
08. Mother Machine (live)
09. Get The Devil Out Of Me (live)
10. Milk And Honey (live)
11. Invidia (live)
12. Electricity (live)
13. Not Enough (live)

Bonus DVD:

01. Invidia (Video Live @ Metal Female Voices Fest)
02. Electricity (Video Live @ Metal Female Voices Fest)
03. We Are The Others (Video Live @ Metal Female Voices Fest)
04. Milk and Honey (Video Live @ Metal Female Voices Fest)
05. Not Enough (Video Live @ Metal Female Voices Fest)
06. Backstage Footage 
07. Get The Devil Out Of Me (video)
08. We Are The Others (video)
09. April Rain (video)
10. Frozen (video)

/Christoffer Bertzell

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