Purvaja – Dark Goddess Divine [3.0]

Dark Goddess Divine front cover 1

Hailing all the way from Hyderabad, India, Rahul Das presents his one man band – Purvaja. A black metal unit performing the traditional satanic (except Dark Goddess Divine refers to Kali – deity of destruction and death) sound we are used to – imagine a mixture of old school Immortal and Darkthrone.
In its simplicity and straight forwardness, it is very well composed. Despite using rather generic drum samples, Rahul Das creates an authentic soundscape that phalluses darkness and death. The overall low-fi and sharp guitars are almost comparable to Darkthrone, while the vocals are in the nasal vein of Abbath (Immortal) and Vorph (Samael).
All together this album is quite traceable to the norwegian scene, but more importantly are Rahul Das way of incorporating traditional indian melodies. In songs as She, Who Devoured Raktabija and Worship Death it gives the album an edge, which makes it stand out from other brutal old school-black metal bands. Just listen to the rhythmic experimentation in the song Dark Goddess Divine. A song that embodies audibly as visually, an indian death ritual.

Release – 01.03.2013
Sonic Blast Media

/Christoffer Bertzell

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