Misery Loves Co. Reunited for one time gig

1320adgsihzxm_One of the most appreciated industrial metal/rock bands out of Sweden, Misery Loves Co., did the last saturday a surprise gig on a birthday party at Roadbjörn Freakfest. The party was for the music freak Björn “Firespitta” Hjalmar and when all members of were gathered, they went up on stage and performed Prove Me Wrong and My Mind Still Speaks.

The group split up in 2000 after having released the critically acclaimed Your vision was never mine to share. The line-up on this eve consisted of vocalist Patrik Wirén, guitarist Örjan Örnkloo, guitarist Michael Hahne, bassist Patrik Thorngren and drummer Olle Dahlstedt (Entombed). I guess some people are asking themselves if this was a one time thing or maybe the start of some continued nostalgia? Anyway, enjoy the title track single from their last album here:

/Christoffer Bertzell

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