Soundwave Flare Injures Girl! [Video]

The Video below shows the flares that believed to have been lit during Metallica and Bring Me The Horizon sets at Soundwave, Olympic Park, Sydney.

Ambulance NSW has told Triple M on Monday morning that none of its officers treated a girl with serious injuries caused by a flare at Soundwave on Sunday night.
A spokesman said Ambulance NSW has no record of anyone being treated at Soundwave for burns, which would suggest they didn’t deal with the matter event promoter AJ Maddah says saw a girl cop serious arm injuries.

AJ tweeted:Dear piece of shit who lit the flare in BMTH (Bring Me The Horizon) pit: Tonight you seriously burned and disfigured a young girl. I hope you f–king get yours.”

Meanwhile, St John Ambulance have told Triple M its staff treated three people – two females and one male – who had minor burns from a flare.
All were treated at the scene and released back into the event.

/Viktoria Colonna

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