The Slayer King replies…

slayer_xlAs expected the Slayer-camp has now officially commented on the late events concerning the temporary or permanent (no one knows) switch of drummers. Yesterday Dave Lombardo made an official statement on Facebook, discussing his view on how he got kicked off the Australian tour because of financial issues within Slayer. Today Slayer simply confirmed that Dave Lombardo ain’t no part of the Australian tour, since the short time span to review the drummers new suggestions/demands regarding his contract was not enough. Therefore the band had to find a replacement in Jon Dette. The message also hints that Mr. Lombardo left out a lot of things regarding his objections to the current contract and the new demands, but… Slayer refuses to comment these. In regard to respect for Dave Lombardo… Yes, you read it right.

Obviously, these aren’t the words of Kerry King. Obviously, there are a lot more to this than we are aware of. Obviously, Slayer is, and have always been a fragile but yet determined machine. But to fans dismay, this image might very well turn out to a media show and sandbox drama.

Mike Portnoy (Adrenaline Mob) and Alex Skolnick (Testament) both made wise comments on Twitter:

MP: “Sad to hear about @TheDaveLombardo Anybody can “play drums” in Slayer (or Black Sabbath or) but real drum icons & legends are IRREPLACEABLE.”

AS: “Disappointing news. Hung with Dave at NAMM and Kerry King a few days later. Never would’ve guessed. Not my place (or anyone else’s, really) to comment on others’ business. But as a fan and friend of the band, you hate to see falling out.”

Read the entire statement from Slayer here:

Slayer confirms that Jon Dette will drum for the band on its Australian tour that starts this Saturday, February 23 in Brisbane. As regards Dave Lombardo‘s Facebook postSlayer does not agree with Mr. Lombardo‘s substance or the timeline of the events, except to acknowledge that Mr. Lombardo came to the band less than a week before their scheduled departure for Australia to present an entirely new set of terms for his engagement that were contrary to those that had been previously agreed upon. The band was unable to reach an agreement on these new demands in the short amount of time available prior to leaving for Australia. There is more to the account than what Mr. Lombardo has offered, but out of respect to him, Slayer will not be commenting further. Slayer is grateful to its Australian fans for their understanding of this unfortunate last-minute change, and very much looks forward to seeing them at these shows.”


  1. […] Yesterday Februari 23 at Brisbane (Australia) Slayer had their first show with Jon Dette instead of Dave Lombardo behind the drum set. The reason of behind this drummer-change is because of the latest days online drama regarding Lombardo’s statements about the economic situation in the band and Kerry King‘s unwillingness to collaborate. If you want to read more about the “drama” read the following links: News 1, News 2. […]

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