Ronnie Bergerstål [Grave]

Grave was really there from the beginning. Since 1986 until today they have written 10 album of traditional swedish death metal.
Last year they just released Endless Procession of Souls by Century Media and they had a terrific tour in North America and Canada with Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral.
Ronnie Bergerstål has played drums in Grave since 2006. For me, he’s for sure one of the most technical and faster drummer within the death metal scene today!

Ronnie B

How does Grave feel about the release of your 10th album?
The general feeling and atmosphere in the band at the moment couldn’t be better All 4 of us get along real good both on and off stage. I feel that live, we’re sooo much better then for example a couple of years ago. With Tobias and Mika in the band our energy has increased a lot! I’ve seen lots of old live footage and holy hell what a “tired” band we were…
The new album’s got amazing response from both fans and press which of course feels really good! This fall we did a 8 week touring run. First a short European headline tour which went really well. Then we went directly to the US to support Morbid Angel and that was a dream come true for me. Morbid Angel is with no question the biggest death metal band for me and to share the stage with them was simply fantastic. Dark Funeral was also on the bill and we got along real good with them.

How is the new album different from the earlier material?
I’d say the album is a mixture of You’ll Never See and Soulless, as it contains lots of mid tempo stuff. The production is very much “in your face” and the overall feel of the album is very raw and pissed off! We started the writing process a couple of weeks after we came home from the US headline tour we did last year and we had all the songs written and arranged in approx 3 weeks.
Tobias and I wrote the basic structures for 3 songs before Ola joined us in the writing process.
After that, we just took off!

What special changes you may see on the death metal scene through these 20 years?
Hmm, probably that most of newer bands tend to see death metal as a competition in who can play the fastest double bass and blast beats, plus to incorporate the most amount of riffs in the shortest amount of time… I don’t like it! Death metal, just as any kinda music should be all about writing good riffs and then put together songs that people can get into. I just can’t appreciate “modern” style of death metal as most of it is just to technical, complicated riff fests and completely over the top.. I can’t feel the groove in a 300bpm blast beat tune, it’s stupid haha! Of course there are some “new” bands that still play good death metal…Sonne Adam, Feral, Facebreaker and my old band mates in Demonical are good examples of that!

The last time I saw you was in late August at Strand, Stockholm. Did you enjoy the show?
I had so much fun!!! Lots of people and it was good to get a really good warm up show for the touring we headed out to do the week after. The show was really good arranged also, so thanks to the Netherbird dudes which had the idea to do the gig!

What are Grave’s plans in the nearest future?
We’ve done lots of one-off shows since we got back from the US. F.ex, we did a benefit show called Rock mot Cancer where all the money went straight to Cancerfonden. I heard that there were some other bands the same size as us that turned the whole thing down due to that there were no payment as it was for charity… NOT cool!!!
We’re also planning some more touring this coming spring and we’ve already got lots of festivals booked for the summer so we will be very busy this 2013!

/Viktoria Colonna

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